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Author Topic: Our Forums Standards (Rules)  (Read 7149 times)

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Our Forums Standards (Rules)
« on: October 10, 2005, 09:05:28 PM »
Anyhow I'll keep this short.

General Tidbits
We will not allow flamewars. Such theads may find themselves being locked, moved, or whatever.
In general if you have a problem with someone take it up with them personally and don't spew
it all over the forums is the best course of action. We WILL respect other people, and their opinions.
It is not our policy to delete posts we do not agree with, however we will delete posts
that violate the vocabulary section below.

Also for [MwM] members or members of any group.
If you have a problem registering with your tag, once registered and logged in click "Profile" from the top nav menu.
Then on the left list click "Account Related Settings" there you will find a field called display name.
That is where you would add your clan tag.

We offer a number of themes for your enjoyment. Click on your Profile > Look and Layout and at the top you'll see the link to change your theme. A variety of the themes all sport multiple color variations  to suit your taste and style.

Avatar size is set to 140x140, this may be modified later. If your image is larger the system
will automatically resize it which no guarantees how it will come out.
In regards to graphical sigs we only allow ONE please. Personally, I hate theads that
are more people's sigs than it is a conversation and that drives me nuts. Please restrict graphical
sigs to 160h by 400w pixels. Images also are not permitted to exceed 100K in size.

No matter if you are a [MwM] Member or not, on the forums you must adhear to our Code of Couduct.
To sum it up repect other people, no vulgar language, common sense.

That about sums it up, enjoy your stay.

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