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Author Topic: 3rd Gathering Contest - RUNNING NOW  (Read 546 times)

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3rd Gathering Contest - RUNNING NOW
« on: September 08, 2010, 12:33:12 PM »
As announced in game our 3rd Resource Gathering Content is underway.

All resources gather between Wednesday 9/8 until Tuesday 9/14 Night 11:59pm EST (not server time) will count.

There are 7 categories.
Guild Rubies
Guild Runes
Guild Stones

For all categories the top two donors shall receive a special prize. The best prizes will be given in the Ore, Wood and Herbs categories as they are our top priorities. In addition one GRAND PRIZE will be issued to the top donor by total points across all categories, however for this prize the Gold category will be excluded. The prizes most likely will not be announced in advance but I assure you they are most peachy.

I will however announce the GRAND PRIZE which is a FREE Adventurer's Pack access code. A 236 diamond value.
It contains:
1 Big Angel's Sigh (19 dias)
5 Skill TP Potions (40 dias)
5 Experience Potions (40 dias)
5 Golden Repair Hammers (95 dias)
2 flasks of Marking Ink and (3 dias)
10 Transport Runes (39 dias)

There will also be an alternate grand prize setup of an item or package directly from the item shop the winner may choose from, exact details will not be known until Tuesday once I review the offerings of the weekly and daily special offers. It will however not necessarily have the same direct diamond value of the package above.

The winners will be announced online around 12:30AM after the close of the contest, or however long it takes me to do the log reviews. The winners will also be posted to this thread at the conclusion.

Why are we doing this? We periodically make big resource pushes to quickly obtain a goal within the guild. We are currently making a hard push to reach Guild Level 9 to unlock the final set of guild features. Once we have reached level 9, our next goal is to commence the Phase 4 and 5 guild castle upgrade projects. (Exact details will available on the restricted side of the forums).

Lastly quick hint to getting a couple free guild rubies, do the initial quest from our castle housekeeper located in the great hall. She send you on a quest to register your honor points which will be used later in Obsidian Stronghold, and then back. It's quick, easily , and you get a couple guild rubies as a reward. Even if you don't participate in this contest there is absolutely no reason every single guild member can't do this part. Don't know how to get to OS? Use your port to Reifort Camp and check your map its a short couple minute walk NE even without a mount.
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Re: 3rd Gathering Contest - RUNNING NOW
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2018, 05:09:28 AM »
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