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General Discussion / WoTLK is coming, are you ready?
« on: October 31, 2008, 11:22:40 AM »
   Wanna be prepared for the race to level 80? has everything you need! Heres what the guide contains;

- I give you Step by Step instructions of what to do from the time you enter Northrend to the time you hit level 80.

- I also tell you EXACTLY what to do at what time. There will be no Alt tabbing to look at any site with my guide, everything you need to know is in the guide.

- If you're going to race to 80 then this is your best chance to be the first on your server!

- I Tell you exactly what quests to skip, and what ones to abandon to save you precious time and aggravation.

- I Give detailed maps and explanations on every quest from 70-80.

- My guide goes into great detail on what to do, its written exactly like a strategy guide you'd buy in a store. It's not just a wall of text being separated by numbers.

- This guide is 100% Legit and you will not be banned for using it.

- Every zone i take you through in this guide, i tell you how to maximize the time you spend in it while still getting you every single achievement!

- Do you plan to make a death knight? Well don't worry! I got you covered there as well! I give you the fastest way to level 55-58, the best talent specs and what abilities to use so you can jump right in and have a ton of fun with no hassle!

- My guide actually gives you OPTIONS if you get a ton of rested, ill tell you what to skip to maximize your leveling, if you don't get any rested i tell you what to do to stay with the curve!

- You'll level so fast everyone will think YOU were the one in beta!

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