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Author Topic: Public Tools  (Read 279 times)

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Public Tools
« on: June 17, 2017, 08:33:16 PM »
Hello everyone

I am sorry to have to make this post but it has become unavoidable.

It came to my attention several days ago that most of the public cooking tools in Twilight were no longer there.

I first considered that Decay was the issue, but as the equiptment in Watchmans' Docks Public area was created not long after and is still intact with little or no Decay I find myself doubting this.

I now know that at least 1 tool was taken by a player as I personaly found an Item created by my Main Character, NOT My GM, that I had created and donated to the public tools, in the oven of another character (Removing the Name Tag doesn't help ppl. A GM can see who made it). They know who they are and will be spoken to on the subject and NEVER named here.however if the trend continues I will be forced to close down the Public Area until Livesaver makes a decission on its future.

This saddens me as The Midnight Wathmen have always been about helping pthers and community. The Public Crafting Tools were intended to give new players a fair start, not to allow players to collect free tools, and I feel that the tenor of the server suffers if we do not have this area. Please do not force me to close it.

I am asking that anyone who has "Borrowed" Public Cooking Tools from Twilight to return them. Please note that I am not going to take any action against the people who did this. I am just REALLY dissappointed.

[MwM] Heiraxse/GMDragon
[MwM] Heiraxes

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