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Author Topic: Alts and their uses  (Read 336 times)

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Alts and their uses
« on: June 12, 2017, 08:04:22 PM »
Hello Again Fellow Wurmians.

There has been a fair bit of discussion about alts of late so let me clarify a few points.

I have spoken to Gmlife([MwM] LifesaverM) by e-mail and he has confirmed the following.

1. The F.A.Q. is Incomplete and ALL ingame GM decisions override this except where Gmlife/Gmzorya have stated differently.

2. This is NOT Wurm Online and we do not care a Fig what their ALT rules are/were except as noted in the FAQ 

MACROS Q: Are macros or multi-boxing allowed?
A: Macros NO, Multi-boxing with conditions. We have adopted Wurm Online's rule on this matter. Automated macro programs, key locking, and unattended or scripted multi-boxing are not permitted. You must be physically controlling your avatar yourself. Prolonged robotic behaviours may be questioned by the staff, and sanctions being taken.

MULTIPLE CHARACTERS Q: Am I allowed to have multiple characters?
A: Absolutely. There is no limit, however; each SteamID is only allowed 3 deeds, more than 1 character can also be logged in at a time however be sure not to violate the rule above.

In all cases the GM's onsite decision shall take precedence except as noted above or until/unless that decision is over-ridden by either Gmlife or Gmzorya and the GM who made the decision notified by them.

3. Alts MAY NOT be used to enhance tasks (E.G: Main and Alt mining the same wall/digging the same tile/resource in the same area (same clay/tar pit etc.). This is for 2 reasons. the first is that not everyone can run multiple toons at the same time. The second is that with our enhanced action timers it makes it unnessecary to do so and unfair on those who cannot do this.

4. You may have as many alts as you like but only 3 deeds per steam ID and every alt MUST have a specific job (E.G: I have Heiraxes my Miner/Carpenter/Builder, Lillias my Farmer/Animal Worker and Revan My Alchemist and the each sticks to their own jobs with small exceptions like making their own house/shrine etc.

I hope this clarifies the ALT situation.

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