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Author Topic: GM Services  (Read 255 times)

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GM Services
« on: June 10, 2017, 07:03:20 AM »
Hi everyone

As I am sure you have no doubt noticed, Gmlife and Gmzorya have been away for a while. I apologise for any inconvenience this has caused as I try to take up the slack.

I can only ask for your patience as I was a newbie to this game before [MwM] LifesaverM invited me to play and GM on the same day and I am still learning the ropes.

I am sorry to say there are some things I am unsure about like the way Lifesaver handles rental houses and a lot about game mechanics I will just not know but bear with me as we learn together from those players with us who are more experienced.

I am asking our CA's and more experienced players to help me here.

I will still be able to fix your Sandstone as long as you have not mined it out. I have previously done this on the honor system but it would be better for all concerned if you simply filed a ticket and left the dang things alone till a GM gets to them.

I can also deal with Roadworks payment and any little issue you may have with basic game related issues.

Gmdragon/[MwM] Heiraxes (aka Heiraxes/Lillias/Revan)

I received an e-mail from Lifesaver today and am now able to fix your affinities in accordance with server guidelines. This means only if you have a PvP aligned Affinity (Thievery or War Machines and Their sub-skills) If your Affinity is NOT one of these then I am sorry but it WILL NOT be changed without my receiving a Direct Order from either Gmlife or Gmzorya

To those of you waiting on temp housing I apologise. I need 1 more thing from Lifesaver and I will be all set then we can really get this server happening.

If there is anything else I am missing in this list please let me know.

I am trying to get support for an event I would like to run. It will involve a number of locked chests and keys. The keys will be placed in bags and place in pre-selected locations. Each location will be pointed out by a clue given in the form of a short verse. Recover the Bag and return to open the Chest and claim your prize.

Number of Chests 5
Suggested Prizes
Chest 1 - 1 set of 25Q Horseshoe/Saddle/Bridle and 25 Copper.
Chest 2 - 1 35Q Lantern and 50 Copper.
Chest 3 - 1 25Q Emerald
Chest 4 - 5 Farwalker Twigs
Chest 5 - 1 Bag of Holding.

Scattered Around Twilight and Possibly Hermitage (since we have the portal).

Time Allowed
Up to 2 Hours

Give me your thoughts and ideas and if enough people like the idea I will pitch it to Lifesaver.

[MwM] Heiraxes/GMDragon
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