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Author Topic: General Guild Information  (Read 484 times)

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General Guild Information
« on: August 05, 2010, 12:03:45 AM »
[MwM] MidnightWatchmen - Runes of Magic Guild

Current Guild Level: 8
Castle Status: Complete, ongoing upgrades (see guild only board for exact details)
Current Members: 70+ (excluding alts)
Membership Cap: 120

Guild Master: LifesaverM
aka Mattithyahu (alt)

Recruiters: Thekillshot, Roadrash

Raid/Siege Leaders: TBD

TeamSpeak Server Info:  Port 9987 (default port)
Download free client at: Official Teamspeak Site

At this time guild members with the rank of [Elder Member] or higher can recruit. We will soon begin to review our membership and are still taking applications for recruiters who will process applications, and work with new members one on one to help them get settled in the guild. Once enough members are ready to conduct formal raids and/or sieges we'll also begin to seek out leaders from within our membership to help lead our raiding schedules, deal with signups, and make assignments. There will be plenty of long term positions available for promotion within our guild. This is a guild of sharing the work load so leaders and assistants will be sought out in many areas, so everyone gets to enjoy their fun time, and we can still be organized and get things done effectively.

We will always be a blended guild. What does that mean? Our primary focus will be on PvE, however we know some members enjoy PvP as well. The point is everyone gets something a bit different out of a game. While we can not conform to everyone's wishes we still can maintain a balanced scenario. For those who enjoy PvP such things are guild sieges will be conducted and our members will go out proudly defending our guild name.

Casual vs. Active is a question I frequently get asked. We are both, again we are a blended balanced guild. We will not be considered "Hardcore" in our raiding demands on your time, however we do all want to enjoy the end game loot and will be running raids. We have successfully made this format work in both Guild Wars and World of Warcraft as the most notable of our successes. Our long term "Activity" requirements will most likely look something like the model we've used before. We'd like to see you participate in at least one raid a week, and be active in some other ways [see the gathering/donations thread] when you can. We all have lives and we don't want to be a burden however while we are investing time and resources into each of our members we need our members to help in some way as well. Otherwise what's the point of being in a guild at all? Even if you have a week or two in which your schedule will not permit raiding, you'll not get kicked out. Being active is viewed as participation in some way, and if you can't be around for a week, or something just keep one of the leaders in the loop that's all we ask.

We hope you consider MidnightWatchmen as your RoM family. We are a fun loving, friendly, helpful bunch of folks that work towards common goals that help each members accomplish their goals as well as helping the guild accomplish its goals as the whole of the body. Additionally while we are not strict on the subject and we all say things from time to time we do ask that language on the forums, on TeamSpeak, and in guild chat in game be kept fairly clean. Occasional slips are not the problem, its someone constantly dropping f bombs and the like that will find someone getting the boot from the leadership. There are many ways to express yourself, talking like a sailor just will not be one of them here.

Welcome to the MwM family.

Helpful Community Resources: "THE" Rom Resource of Information Excellent Item and Quest Data Another good quest data site, very heavy on coordinates for quests "THE" Source for your game Addon Needs
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