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Author Topic: Gathering, and Guild Donations, Bank  (Read 449 times)

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Gathering, and Guild Donations, Bank
« on: August 04, 2010, 11:52:09 PM »
While guild donations are not required, and I sincerely hope that they never will be..... it is the duty of every member of the guild to contribute to the greater whole in some way. That may be helping newer players by answering questions or helping with bosses. It may be contributing gold, or a free alternative do some gathering of materials for the guild to donate. Or a combination of all of the above. The point is guilds are not just about the one but all. Because many of these ways you can help cost you nothing there is something everyone can help with in some way. Many folks want to know what the guild will do for them, well hopefully many things, but it is a two way flow. What goes out must come in again to maintain balance. We sincerely appreciate every little thing you do to contribute, because even small things add up to big things in the end.

Each upgrade to the guild and guild castle require a LOT of materials of some sort. Some more rarer than others but all upgrades at least require the 4 basic elements, GOLD, ORE, WOOD, HERBS. A guide about gathering can be found HERE. In addition 3 specialized items also exists which are only usable by guilds. They are Guild Rubies, Guild Runes, and Guild Stones, each of these are used in addition to gold and the 3 regular materials for the more advanced guild and castle upgrades. If these 3 specialized items drop for you please donate them, as we'll be needed 100's of them down the road. The more we collect now while we don't need them yet the better.

A detailed guide about guild upgrades can be found HERE, including the point values of each grade of material.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please refine all raw materials to AT LEAST the green level before donating. Why because we get more bang for the buck. Let's use a quick example Tier 1 wood is Ash Wood the raw material you chop have a point value of 1. You can have 100 in a stack. Which means a full stack of 100 Ash Wood has a value of 100 points. NOW, take that same stack and refine it into Ash Timber (Green). Those 100 Ash Wood pieces become 50 Ash Timbers, however each of those Ash Timber pieces have a point value of 3. Which means 50 x 3 = 150. That same stack of Ash Wood which only had a value of 100, now has a value of 150 a 50% bonus for just the time it takes for you to convert it to Timber.

Guild Levels and Value of Materials
The link above has a detailed chart of the point value of all materials.

Bank Information:

Full details about the guild bank, rules, withdraw policies, and what's currently available will be contained in the secured side of the forums. Be sure to register and reply to the introductions thread to gain access, to the clan only side of the forums.
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