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Author Topic: Member Professions MASTER List  (Read 802 times)

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Member Professions MASTER List
« on: December 26, 2006, 01:35:47 PM »
This thread will serve to contain a list of the professions of our members and their specialization if any within the profession. This is to serve as a "at a glance" look of what we have available. Simply post a reply to this thread with new or updated information and I'll periodically update the thread.

Please understand that if you ask someone for something they are taking time to help you.
Members should NEVER ask for something for free (that is abusing good will), if the member assisting you with what you need offers it at no charge that is there disgression. HOWEVER, always expect to provide mats and offer a tip just like you would anyone else. It is simply common courtesy. Likewise charging insane fees to clan mates defeats the "brotherly love" atmosphere. Common sense and courtesy is the key in this department.

Alchemists - Herbalism
Litha - 300/300

Blacksmiths - Mining

LifesaverM - 300

- Mining
Mattithyahu - 300/300 - Gnomish

Jewelcrafters - Mining

Leatherworkers - Skinning
*Vellornite - 300/300 - Dragonscale
  BlackDragon Scale Legs, Chest, Shoulders - FR Gear

LifesaverM - 300

NOTE: Mining, Skinning, Herbalists are considered support professions and will be listed with their parent craft.
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