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Marketplace / Re: WTS 50QL Plate Armor
« Last post by Devvon/Augustus on Today at 04:16:48 AM »
Rambo, order filled and sent out COD in mail.
Marketplace / Re: WTS 50QL Plate Armor
« Last post by RamboDE on November 23, 2017, 09:30:50 PM »
I'd like to order a set with great helm. In game name Rambo.
Marketplace / Re: WTS; WTT: WTB: Serenity Enchants
« Last post by Trepida on November 23, 2017, 01:38:59 AM »
Thank you for the order Mehtryx the order is now complete and sent COD .
WU - Wurm Unlimited / Re: Unable to log on
« Last post by Valdred on November 22, 2017, 06:12:25 PM »
Just an update I Should be back up and running next week. See you all soon guys
Marketplace / Re: WTS; WTT: WTB: Serenity Enchants
« Last post by mehtryx on November 20, 2017, 09:41:44 PM »

For Ducky

Sickle (BotD 51)     51c
Scythe (BotD 64)     64c
Knife (BotD 62)     62c
And if possible, get a rake around 60QL 60 BOTD

For Mehtryx

Trowel (BotD 60)     60c
Hammer (BotD 52)     52c
Awl (BotD 69)     69c
Carving knife (BotD 64)     64c
Leather Knife (BotD 73)      83c

Marketplace / Re: WTS; WTT: WTB: Serenity Enchants
« Last post by Trepida on November 20, 2017, 11:40:55 AM »
Devvon Order filled and shipped.  Thank you for your patronage and use it in good health.
Greetings Midnight Wurmians,

This is your weekly maintenance and updates report [server patch notes] for the week of Monday, November 20th, 2017.


New Mods & Updates:

No new mods this week.


No updates this week.

Tweaks and Adjustments:

Nothing of note this week here.

Currently we have a number of projects in the pipeline but here's some details on what is close to breaking the surface and becoming a reality within the next 30 days.

    Spell Changes: We finally have the ability to control the religion system, and spells in an intelligent way. What this means is we will soon be making the changes to the twin gods we have always planned to execute since their inception. The deities spreadsheet linked on our main page has always outlined the proposed changes, so folks were always aware of what would be coming down the road. Since enough time has passed the changes in the spreadsheet are not considered final and will be re-evaluated. Once the final changes are drafted I will post the notice here in the weekly update and start a forum post thread specifically on the subject so you can provide feedback. Lastly, in the end if you are unsatisfied with the changes to the twins those that are followers of the twins will be granted a free god change without loss of faith. 11/13 Update - From all the RL fun this has been delayed. New ETA is by the end of the month.

     White Light Altar: So a lot of critters have moved into the white light altar area of late. Anyone who has been up there this last week will notice there are "Peacekeeper" NPC guards present sporting yellow tabards. These aren't normal freedom tower guards, and are there to help protect visitors. Since building is not permitted within 100 tiles of either of the great altars I'm considering a move. Many of you have seen the northern most central island on the map has had GM Reserved markers on it since the server launched. This was always the planned site to potentially move the white altar to. Because of how the great altars work its not a simple matter to just GM spawn a new one somewhere else. Thus the reason its never been moved yet. However, I think the time has come to make the change. I have some trials to do in a test environment and need to construct out landscaping and decorations of the island first as even a GM can't build in a the proximity of a great altar, except for some basics like the stone benches I installed a while back. So the island needs to be totally finished before the move. 11/20 - I hope to make this happen next week.

     Current Coding Project: 11/20 - Not a lot to report, but coding of the cog/caravel modification for the loading range (and the ability to load a wagon on a Cog) is complete. Moving to the test server to day to begin testing.

     Dye Overhaul: One of the code projects I'm working on is a major overhaul to the dye system. Making woad easier to obtain was a part of that. Long term I plan to introduce cacti into the game that will be desert biomes like lingonberry bushes are to tundra. The cacti will be harvestable and will provide a chance for several items. Cactus flesh and cactus fruit for eating/cooking/recipes, source of water like fog spiders, and most importantly cochineals which IRL cacti are the the real source of the insect that create this substance. In the mean time I will be experimenting with increasing their drop rate on cave bugs, and also giving another critter a chance to drop them (maybe spiders) temporarily. They will still be dropped on scorpions for now as well, after the overhaul is complete this might go away though since scorps not not a legit source. I'm sure the devs did that for availability purposes.

But what there's more! If you order right now.... err wrong show sorry.  8)
I'm taking it a step further and while technically since the color system in Wurm is based on RGB with the right number of mixes and patience you can create almost any color; I feel color is the spice of life and because of how hard it is to mix colors just right and get the right qualities, etc. etc. etc. we need more options. So I will be introducing all the RGB secondary colors to the game as well: Yellow, Magenta, and Cyan.

I'm head deep in the color system code and well on my way to making this a reality. I've already worked up the crafting recipes and come up with logical materials to create them from items already in game. For example IRL a historical source of yellow dye is a combination of lead and tin oxides. Since we don't have to worry about the hazards of lead in wurm this will be a great way to deal with another passion of mine; giving some of the lesser used materials in the game more life. Depending on how well this project goes I might even take it a step further and introduce the tertiary colors so you have a lot of control in creating just the right blend for your personal tastes and style. But regardless as is stands you sometimes need to mix dye 3 times or more to get certain colors and that I think is a bit overboard.

11/20 Update - This will be my coding focus this week.

MONTHLY RAFFLE: As you should all know as a thank-you for voting for our server each month I give out a prize to 2 lucky voters. There are 2 categories a 15 votes and up (receives a sleep powder), and a everyone category (receives set of 80ql horseshoes). Once the 15+ winner is selected the are then excluded from the everyone category for that month. The winner is announced here after the first maintenance of the new month. Claim your daily reward at the: Midnight Wurm Control Panel

GM MERCHANT: - For November we are featuring Potions of Woodcutting. I had something else planned but with the chaos of the last two weeks I'm going to just save it for next month for the holiday season. There are two qualities on the merchant we always use for potions 50q and 90q at a price of 2.5s and 5s respectively.
As always the monthly special has a buy limit of 2 per player please (per ql). All other items still remaining on the merchant from previous specials have no buy limits.

COMMUNITY ASSISTANTS: Applications for additional community assistants are still open. The form can be found here:
This is a volunteer position and can be done while on your regular toon, doing your own things. No special character is required for this position. The short description of the position is a person who assists the community by monitoring the CA HELP and Freedom chat channels. They provide answers to questions to the best of their ability about the game mechanics and the community. Provide links to relevant wiki pages, or forum posts as relevant. Assist the Game Masters with basic player support tasks as able/willing, and responds to or adds notes to support tickets within their scope. Update: We are currently looking for 2-4 additional individuals from any region.

RL/OTHER: I can really use your help this month as the week long power outage Serena and I endured means we had to trash 100s of dollars of food and buy new, plus attempt to repair the stupid furnace. Those of you who have been around know my absolute distaste for asking for money but honestly we really could use some star folks helping out this month.

Also for those of you that will be around this coming weekend we'll be having some fun in honor of the US Thanksgiving holiday.

FUN FACT: There is currently 65 non GM owned deeds on the server. W00t continuing to grow.

As always if you need support always feel free to open a support ticket in world so that your GM team can track your request and respond in a timely manner.
Marketplace / WTB: Mortar, Slate Bricks, Maple Saplings
« Last post by RamboDE on November 19, 2017, 08:57:47 PM »

1k Mortar = 3s

100 Slate Bricks = 80c
100 Maple saplings = 80c

For the bricks and saplings the minimum quantity we will buy is 500 at one time.

Contact Rambo in game or post here.
Marketplace / Re: WTS 50QL Plate Armor
« Last post by mehtryx on November 17, 2017, 07:09:18 AM »
Opps sorry should have specified :)  great Helm please.
Marketplace / Re: WTS; WTT: WTB: Serenity Enchants
« Last post by Devvon/Augustus on November 17, 2017, 12:35:54 AM »
Can you COD me that Hammer (BotD 72)? Thanks.
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