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Author Topic: Test Server Information  (Read 235 times)

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Test Server Information
« on: August 12, 2017, 01:52:33 PM »
All regular players of the Midnight Wurm are welcome to putz around the test server whenever they like. There is rarely any times when ongoing development is locked down and restricted from public access. The main town is called Central City a nice little place but be warned its frequently littered with my current experiments so expect stuff everywhere, lol. If we do need to temporarily restrict access this post will be updated to reflect that

Some details about the test server:
  • No deed founding costs nor deed upkeep
  • Players inactive from the main servers more than 3 months will have deeds disbanded
  • All skills start at 10
  • Characteristics start at 22 vs normal 20
  • Skill Rate Multiplier of 10
  • Actions Rate Speed 10x normal
  • Please don't build on the island Central City is on
  • Test server runs the Ocrea default "Creative Mode" map
  • This is a Test server so keep in mind things can and will change
  • Creature count is reduced compared to live servers (10k) and only 30% agro to ease movement/work
  • Lastly, please do provide feedback about experimental features. :)

Test Server Current Status: AVAILABLE for use

Ask any CA or GM for the current password.
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