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Author Topic: September 25, 2017 - Weekly Maintenance and Updates Report  (Read 226 times)

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September 25, 2017 - Weekly Maintenance and Updates Report
« on: September 25, 2017, 11:09:32 AM »
Greetings Midnight Wurmians,

This is your weekly maintenance and updates report [server patch notes] for the week of Monday, September 25th, 2017.


New Mods & Updates:

New Content!!!: We have been releasing new content for the past four weeks. The first wave is a new twist on existing content aka additional textures and options. So onward! This week we are releasing 15 new wagons! What I've done is make the wagons for all 4 of the major kingdoms craft-able and added all of WO's PMKs (player made kingdoms) wagons. So far now in this wave we have released Flag, Banners, Tall Banners, Tents and Wagons! To craft them you'll see them under the Carts category in your crafting recipes book (Press N). Enjoy! Thank-you so much to Bigdreamer, Emmagrace, Dragonwarrior, Heiraxes, and Serena for their help in testing the tidbits of the wagons this week!

One note about the "Plain" wagon. If you craft a plain wagon it will temporarily look like a Freedom Isles wagon. This will be resolved once we release our next custom graphics pack update very soon. It works completely as it should but will have the wrong skin temporarily. This wagon has no kingdom crests on it and has a redish/orange w/ white trim fabric (preview below).

What's next: Well CodeClub finally announced the next WU update is back on track and the beta is expected out in the next week with the live release in a few weeks. This means we need time to port all our new code into the new version and make sure there are no issues. Plus test all our mods, etc. for compatibility issues. There are always things that break with an update so I need to concentrate on the update providing the time table for release doesn't get bumped again.

I need to postpone the release of the tabards.  :'( Code wise they have been complete, and are working well on the test server however, getting everyone's client to see them visually has become a problem. Currently the only way would be for every player to copy a file into their client's graphics.jar file which I'm trying to avoid. This is the approach other servers who have done this as well has done but I have several concerns about this method. I'm discussing a solution with some of the other WU modding brains to find a better way as currently I can't push this particular file out with a custom pack like other content.

At our event this past weekend everyone seemed very excited about getting the other 3 pavilions added to the game. As this is a small project I am going to try to do this and have them released next week. After that new content releases will be on hold until the WU update is live so I can focus my energy on making sure the update goes smooth as silk.  8)

In the example materials village in Twilight all the flags and banners are on display so you can see them up close. Since tents can not be placed on a deed I don't have an easy way to display them however they are on display on our test server (as are all the wagons) should you want to see them. I will  probably put all the wagons on display in Twilight at least temporarily, not sure if I'll leave them there because that's a lot of clutter but we'll need to at least get some nice screenshots of them to post for reference.

In-game Bank Balance Check: Reminder last week we released a mod to allow us to finally type /balance in chat to get your bank balance. Spread the word!


Store Update: The Midnight Wurm store page was updated and reformatted last week to make it cleaner and better prepared for things to come. Additionally, with the results of the player survey in we have added the option for you to be able to swap gods between two of your own characters without faith loss. The cost is only $12. These characters must be your own associated with the same SteamID.

AGO's Mod Loader: AGO's Mod Loader the mod framework that powers 90% of our mods was updated today to the latest version...again. AGO has been busy working on some new features for mod developers that will be extremely helpful.

Tweaks and Adjustments: None this week.

Currently we have a number of projects in the pipeline but here's some details on what is close to breaking the surface and becoming a reality within the next 30 days.

    More Potables: A mod author this past week released a mod that will save me coding work. One of the things I've had on the roadmap is making some more things be plantable in the planters. Additionally this is a big help for long term development because I plan to introduce new plants and some new recipes! To quote a favorite Star Trek: Voyager quote of mine by Capt. Janeway: "There be COFFEE in that nebula!" I love tea but the server requires coffee plain and simple haha. So anyhow I've moved this mod to the test server to begin working with it and running it through the paces. Except this to be released if all goes well by month's end.

    Voting Rewards: Within the next few weeks we hope to release a new web control panel on our site. What it can do from a player point of view will not be a lot initially but will continue to gain features as we go. The initial feature that will be released is the ability to receive a reward for voting for our server to the tune of 10 copper per day. While that isn't a lot by itself that can add up to nearly 3 silver over the course of the entire month! You can claim this reward on any of your characters each day, and of course only 1 reward per day. Upon receiving your reward it will display your bank balance so its a great way to see what you have if you aren't near a deed token. Also information about the villages will be available and some basic info about your toons. Future planned features is the ability to check your live bank balance, details about each of your characters, and more.

    Spell Changes: We finally have the ability to control the religion system, and spells in an intelligent way. What this means is we will soon be making the changes to the twin gods we have always planned to execute since their inception. The deities spreadsheet linked on our main page has always outlined the proposed changes, so folks were always aware of what would be coming down the road. Since enough time has passed the changes in the spreadsheet are not considered final and will be re-evaluated. Once the final changes are drafted I will post the notice here in the weekly update and start a forum post thread specifically on the subject so you can provide feedback. Lastly, in the end if you are unsatisfied with the changes to the twins those that are followers of the twins will be granted a free god change without loss of faith.

    Admin Phase 2: 8/14 Update - A few weeks ago we partnered with another developer on this project so that other server operators will be able to take advantage of project. We've already laid out a development plan and have begun work. 9/18 Update - Progress has been amazing and Alpha testing has begun. We hope to move the beta code to the live server in the next couple weeks, and release the new player side component.

MONTHLY RAFFLE: As you should all know as a thank-you for voting for our server each month I give out a prize to a luck voter. The winner is announced here after the first maintenance of the new month. We are well into our goal of hitting 200 votes this month. Rock on folks!

Now that we have a lot more activity going on I'm also reintroducing 2 categories so that things aren't dominated. The everyone category and the 15 votes and up category. Once the 15+ winner is selected the are then excluded from the everyone category for that month. Reminder: Last week of the month to vote!

STAFF CHANGES: - Unfortunately I need to inform you about two changes this week. First, and most significant is Heiraxes / GM Dragon (aka Lillias/Revan) is no longer a member of the GM leadership team. I'd also like to address an erroneous rumor I've heard about him being banned, which is simply not true. The terms of his departure are solely between him and I. I would like to sincerely thank him for his service and time he has contributed to the community. Please direct all GM related matters to myself or GM Zorya (aka Serena). As usual support tickets help us track issues so we can ensure we provide the highest level of service to you our players, and respond in a timely matter.

Additionally, Xellos has turned in his resignation as a Community Assistant. While he has been going through his probationary staff period he has indicated he does not have the time to play as he anticipated, and thus will step aside in hopes someone else who plays more may choose to volunteer.

GM MERCHANT: - For September we are featuring "Ointment of Stonecutting". With all the crazy construction projects everyone is doing this would be perfect timing, and I have something exciting planned for the next 3 months already! These potions normally require troll king blood and source salt to be crafted thus are extremely rare. Improving armor smithing products using a tool that has been Imbued by the oil will be easier. Note: Power of the effect will wear down slowly, it is not permanent. Activate the potion and right-click tool you want to imbue. Select "Alchemy > Imbue" from the menu. Examine the imbued tool to see what effect (ranging to 100) does the imbue have. Due to the rarity of these they will be offered for 5s a piece for 90ql and 2.5s for 50ql. As its the last week of the month all buy limits are suspended. Get your purchases in today! All other items still remaining on the merchant from previous specials have no buy limits either.

COMMUNITY ASSISTANTS: Applications for additional community assistants are still open. The form can be found here:
This is a volunteer position and can be done while on your regular toon, doing your own things. No special character is required for this position. The short description of the position is a person who assists the community by monitoring the CA HELP and Freedom chat channels. They provide answers to questions to the best of their ability about the game mechanics and the community. Provide links to relevant wiki pages, or forum posts as relevant. Assist the Game Masters with basic player support tasks as able/willing, and responds to or adds notes to support tickets within their scope. We are currently looking for 2 additional individuals from any region.

Governor's Flagship: Many of you have seen the bluish shining caravel that sits on the Northern dock of Twilight. I'm pleased to say its more than just a decoration. If you happen to see this big glimmering vessel pass by you, PM Gmlife. Why you ask? Because this means a special unannounced mini-event is running. Those that notice and PM me while I'm sailing around in the ship will receive a prize. Well I live in land so... that means I will get excluded!?! Nope you sure aren't. One of the nice things about GM mode is ships...well they aren't just for water to us. Which means you may just see the flagship sailing along randomly around the map, or along a highway, going up a mountain, or on the open water. So keep your eyes a lookin' as you never know when you might see me "floating" around.  :o 8) ;D

RL/OTHER: New titles have been released for those that make donations to the server fund. Purchases from the store are not eligible for tiles as there is an exchange only outright donations qualify. Details are in this thread:

FUN FACT: There are currently 110 forges, 60 ovens, 15 smelters and 15 kilns on the server.

As always if you need support always feel free to open a support ticket in world so that your GM team can track your request and respond in a timely manner.
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