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Author Topic: Supporting the Server  (Read 466 times)

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Supporting the Server
« on: July 19, 2017, 09:41:35 PM »

There are many ways in which a few moments of your time can translate to helping support the server. Yes donations are accepted and those details will be included at the end. All these other wonderful things help get us more visibility and in turn perhaps some new friends to join our community so we list them first.

Join our Steam Group:

Our Steam Server Ad Thread: steam://openurl/

(it should pull up the page in steam if not try this link:

Our Official Wurm Forums Ad Thread:

While you will also find the most up to date announcements and information here on our own website the reality of the fact is to play WU you must do so through Steam. As such we are going to attempt to make ourselves more visible there to attract new faces before they find someone else. The vast majority of players do not ever visit the official forums so they make their decision to join a server based upon what they see in the server list or the discussion threads in steam itself. Feel free to give our two threads a few kind words or a bump.

Vote for our server: and get rewarded:

Our server held a Top 10 position for a long while, let's get back there and stay there where we belong. This community is amazing and deserves recognition as such. There are other good choices out there but many are not. Many of you have come from some of these and have never turned back. You can vote once per RL day, and doing so enters you into our monthly raffle with great prizes.

So there you have it lots of ways to show your support and you don't even have to spend a dime! Of course if you are in a position to do so we are of course grateful and the link is below. We will never be a Pay2Play or Pay2Win server, nor will constantly badger our player to donate money when there are so many ways to support us.

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