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Author Topic: July 17, 2017 - Weekly Maintenance and Updates Report  (Read 268 times)

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July 17, 2017 - Weekly Maintenance and Updates Report
« on: July 17, 2017, 10:28:07 AM »
Greetings Midnight Wurmians,

This is your weekly maintenance and updates report [server patch notes] for the week of Monday, July 17th, 2017. Lots to talk about today so this will be a bit long sorry everyone.  :o


New Mod:

ADMIN Phase 1 - The admin framework and tweaks I have been working on for a while are complete. While this obviously doesn't effect most people on the server it is an accomplishment so \o/, yea cheer us on its progress.

ALERT System Overhaul - A new periodic alerts system was rolled out to the server today (those gold messages in the event window). The built in vanilla system is fine for Wurm Online where they don't have the majority of their new players connecting to the server without knowing anything about the server they are connecting to. This however is massively lacking for the environment and culture difference that is Wurm Unlimited. You can only have 4 messages programmed and the timer for the 4th is mis-coded so it runs on message 3's timer so they always display at the same time. This new system allows us to pre-program a larger number of messages while still being able to use the ingame controls of the built in vanilla system to run messages that might change more often like say for events, without requiring a reboot.

Mod Updates:

BETTER DIG - A minor patch fix for better dig was rolled out today, function/use remains the same.

STABLE MASTER  - A tweak was made to the configuration of the stable master mod. When a token is generated its weight is randomly generated within a prescribed range. The minimum weight value was dropped by a good bit and the max weight was curbed down just a bit. This should make them on average a decent bit lighter than before.

DEED UPKEEP - So if you read last week's report and outage notes, you would have noted that we had to disable the deed upkeep mod due to incompatibility with Thus effecting all deeds as the free 121 tiles we provide you, you were no longer getting. The code has been fixed and is now re-enabled again. Functionality should now be back to normal, initial tests looked good, today I will be poking at a handful of deeds to compare my notes from last week to make sure its working in our production environment now.

EDIT - Almost forgot.....
SKILLS TWEAK - Long ago I created a custom algorithm for all characteristics and a couple skills. Couple folks brought up Smithing and I remembered that was the last piece I never finished. So now it IS. The Smithing Skill Tree including Smithing itself, Weapons Smithing and Armor Smithing have had their skills rates adjusted. Since the difficulty rating for smithing is SO high it may require further tweaking but I think this formula is in a good place. I need to conduct some further testing with the new rate gain implemented now and see.

Bank Update: The bank upgrades are now finally available to purchase. You can now expand your default 5 slot bank to up to 20 slots. Upgrades can be obtained from, all funds generated from these upgrades automatically go to our server upkeep fund.

Currently we have a number of projects in the pipeline but here's some details on what is close to breaking the surface and becoming a reality within the next 30 days.

    A new spell!: Our twin gods Stjerna and Stjarna are both getting a new custom spell. This spell will allow the caster to reduce the number of days an animal 'bakes' in their mother's oven before being born. Priests of Stjerna or Stjarna with a minimum of 60 Faith will be able to cast this spell, similarly compared w/ Fo's Genesis spell. We are still experimenting on the favor required, cooldown, and difficulty levels that the spell will be configured for. Update: The mod author has unfortunately gotten tied up in RL and is unable to assist at this time. I have resumed work on this myself. Unfortunately this has thrown the release time table out the window but progress is being made none-the-less. I have a couple working theories I'm exploring and am pretty hopeful I'll have something to report back soon. 5/29 - I've figured some things out this week, and work is progressing pretty well I'd say. 6/5 - I have the spell basically coded correctly now, and will begin testing on the test server. There is one bug with overall gestation times this introduces I need to figure out and looks like we'll finally be able to make this a reality. 6/26 - Ready for next round of testing. 7/3 - Testing went much better this version. If all goes well might be able to release this next week. 7/17 - The coder that originally built the basis for this is available again. I've delayed release so he can review my work to ensure this isn't going to backfire in my face. Spells are a pain. \o/

    Admin Phase 2: I've begun work on the 2nd Phase of our own custom Admin framework and tweaks. This is in a very early stage now, and will post progress once it is available.

MONTHLY RAFFLE: As you should all know as a thank-you for voting for our server each month I give out a prize to a luck voter. The winner is announced here after the first maintenance of the new month.

GM MERCHANT: - The GM merchant was refreshed today with new fireworks being offered for only 10 copper. Additionally a limited supply of garden gnomes has been added for a price of 1 silver due to their un-craftable and limited offering nature. Please don't be a hog and buy them all. I would prefer to say limit 2 per player but I have no way to control this, so its the honor system. I'm going to experiment with offering 'some' hard to obtain items with a new limited release each month. The same item will not be repeated for a minimum of 6 months so get one when you can. We'll see how this goes and re-evaluate if needed.

BEAUTIFICATION: I began a series of beautifications/polishing to a few things this week and continuing over the next week. The 'marble' highway going through the Twilight deeds and south have had its marble slabs replaced with the newer marble bricks. It is simply stunning now and I'm very pleased with the results. There are a number of things I still want to do to Twilight and I pick them up and work on them whenever I need to change gears from something else. More to come.

I cleaned up the area around the Black 'Bone' Altar a few days ago. GM Zorya my wife has trimmed the area a few times, but its been getting overgrown again. I trimmed back the trees, added a few new decorations to the altar area and also paved a path from the altar to the water making it easy to get to (and a bit more obvious). Since this is the black altar we will not call this beautification but 'cosmetic'. LOL - I'll be doing a some work around the While Altar this coming week as well.

COMMUNITY ASSISTANTS: Applications for additional community assistants are still open. The form can be found here:
This is a volunteer position and can be done while on your regular toon, doing your own things. No special character is required for this position. The short description of the position is a person who assists the community by monitoring the CA HELP and Freedom chat channels. They provide answers to questions to the best of their ability about the game mechanics and the community. Provide links to relevant wiki pages, or forum posts as relevant. Assist the Game Masters with basic player support tasks as able/willing, and responds to or adds notes to support tickets within their scope. At this moment my thoughts are I'm looking for 2 individuals in different time zones but this not set in stone. I will leave applications open for a few weeks and see what kind of response it generates.

Speaking of Community Assistants most of you already know but to make it official please welcome to the CA team:

[CA] Douganironfist

Dougan has been playing wurm for a couple years now, is very knowledgeable about the game, friendly doesn't bite much, and a had a great teacher. Hats off to a certain lady you know who you are! Thank-you Dougan for being willing to step up and join our support team!

FAQs UPDATES: - The FAQs/RULES page has been updated. The following items were added or modified.

  • Multiple Characters/Multi-boxing - Verbage has been added to further clarify acceptable uses.
  • Highway Numbering - Some details about how the official highways are numbered was added. Our website does contain a map of the official network once fully completed. I will be revising it soon so insert the highway numbers along the routes so it can be more easily understood.
  • Abandoned Vehicles - Since the server is a couple days away from having proudly been online for 8 months now, I've rolled out some rules on how vehicles can be handled based on WO's rule (though they only cover boats/ships). Keep in mind items in general can be taken from an abandoned deed if you can physically get to the items. Such as a container lying on a ground in the open (providing its not locked), or in a building once enough of the walls have decayed the items are no longer being protected. Vehicles are defined as Carts, Wagons, and all ships/boats. The FAQ entry lays out how long the player needs to be awol and the procedure for how you can stake a claim. Since this is new please don't hesitate to ask questions.

RL/OTHER: We have a ton of community projects that need some TLC, and are compensated with payment. From building new highways to leveling existing highways to clear cutting some trees and planting new ones, etc. If you are interested in making some coin please contact me to discuss. Some of these projects are tedious and I'm willing on a case by case basis to provide incentives beyond our standard silver payments depending on the amount of work involved. While working on a project materials if you wish can be provided. For example for highways you can provide your own bricks to also help boost your masonry, or we can provide them. For the trees projects we will automatically provide the sprouts because you'll be needing so many. Sorry this was so long but there was LOTS to talk about today.

As always if you need support always feel free to open a support ticket in world so that I and the other GM staff know you need assistance. I have the ability to see tickets, and their status even if I'm not in-world to keep tabs on things. Additionally if its something you don't feel is ticket worthy I always welcome PMs here on the forums.
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