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Author Topic: May 29, 2017 - Weekly Maintenance and Updates Report  (Read 305 times)

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May 29, 2017 - Weekly Maintenance and Updates Report
« on: May 29, 2017, 10:24:50 AM »
Greetings Midnight Wurmians,

This is your weekly maintenance and updates report [server patch notes] for the week of Monday, May 29th, 2017.


New Mod: No new mods this week.

A reminder though: The ship wood types are here. You must have at a minimum AGO's client mod launcher and the server packs mod installed to take advantage of this. This is a large 200+MB download so keep in mind you will not see the textures immediately. Once the automatic download is complete the textures should automatically change live while in game, however if they do not you should see them on your next login. To verify you have the file it gets installed where ever you have steam installed \Steam\steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited\Wurm Launcher\packs\ in this folder you'll see a couple 40 character long file names .jar. (Ex. 051F4B05E53543C7A3C22858583BF5860A04229DF.jar) If a file shows incomplete (file name will end with .incomplete) it is most likely still downloading.

Mod Updates: No updated mods today.

Bank Update: Hoping to be ready to make the bank upgrade functionality available to the public within the next 2 weeks.

Currently we have a number of projects in the pipeline but here's some details on what is close to breaking the surface and becoming a reality within the next 30 days.

    A new spell!: Our twin gods Stjerna and Stjarna are both getting a new custom spell. This spell will allow the caster to reduce the number of days an animal 'bakes' in their mother's oven before being born. Priests of Stjerna or Stjarna with a minimum of 60 Faith will be able to cast this spell, similarly compared w/ Fo's Genesis spell. We are still experimenting on the favor required, cooldown, and difficulty levels that the spell will be configured for. Update: The mod author has unfortunately gotten tied up in RL and is unable to assist at this time. I have resumed work on this myself. Unfortunately this has thrown the release time table out the window but progress is being made none-the-less. I have a couple working theories I'm exploring and am pretty hopeful I'll have something to report back soon. 5/29 - I've figured some things out this week, and work is progressing pretty well I'd say.

    Admin tweak: I've also been working on a couple things that really only effect the GM staff, but have been a pain in our side. A couple of these updates will be ready in the next few weeks. You'll see me mention this because we have a number of planned GM tool tweaks to make happen in the months ahead in several release waves. As we all know some things in this game are not 'simple' and same 'rule' apply to existing GM processes as well. Update: I've also resumed work on this when I need to put the spell mod down to purge my brain. LOL

COMMUNITY ASSISTANTS: As announced last week I am opening up applications for additional community assistants. The form can be found here:
This is a volunteer position and can be done while on your regular toon, doing your own things. No special character is required for this position. The short description of the position is a person who assists the community by monitoring the CA HELP and Freedom chat channels. They provide answers to questions to the best of their ability about the game mechanics and the community. Provide links to relevant wiki pages, or forum posts as relevant. Assist the Game Masters with basic player support tasks as able/willing, and responds to or adds notes to support tickets within their scope. At this moment my thoughts are I'm looking for 2 individuals in different time zones but this not set in stone. I will leave applications open for a few weeks and see what kind of response it generates.

SANDSTONE: So the problem with sandstone spawning with low numbers is indeed a problem. When they triggered the spawning unfortunately it kept the existing tile value and did not re-roll the contained quantity. I am aware of the "fix" budda released but its not a simple fix by any stretch of the imagination. The biggest problem with the methodology of the "fix" will effect a lot more than sandstone spawns it will change all tiles. This also means it will change the quantity of salt, adamantine, and glimmersteel spawns as well (plus any other resource tile that happens to around 50 remaining hits). While I don't really care about salt changing the others could have radical effects on our long term economy by increasing the volume of the resource 100s of times over. It could mean people magically go from 50 hits to a potential 10,000. UPDATE 5/29: Some of my discussions are visible on the Wurm forums but I've also discussed this issue with a number of other operators privately via other methods. There is a lot of frustration across the community on this subject and no "real" fix. There is no known easy way to deal with this at this time.

In the interim if you discover a vein please open a support ticket and I'll manually re-roll the tile for you. Not a perfect solution but at least a solution. If you have already exhausted the tile that's perfectly fine I know where all the veins on the server originally spawned to verify you had one and can give you a new one. Please include in the ticket the quality if you prospected it (looking for poor, normal, good, very good, etc. not necessarily numerical value), if not we'll go to the spot where it was and confirm.

SPAWNS: I've seen the thread about the requests for additional spawns, and it is not lost on me. I'm not in favor of increasing the percentage to 60-70% as both myself and a notable percentage of our player base has expressed previous negative experiences on such servers. I am however willing to explore nudging it up incrementally and seeing how it goes. Keep in mind that deserts in particular are designed to be hunting grounds and have permanent baddie spawn points aka lairs. There are other random lairs around the server some permanent others not to create "hot spots" of hostile creatures. So you should generally always be able to find something to kill at the deserts or hot spots. I have nudged both the total creature limit and the hostile percentage today and will make more tweaks again next week incrementally. I appreciate your feed back and am excited more folks are posting here on the forums, keep it coming. UPDATE 5/29: The extra spawns last week went well and the distribution across the map wasn't bad. I've again upped the total critter count, and the hostile percentage from 35 to 40%. I plan to leave the percentage at this level for now but will up the total count one more time next week and see how it goes. If we need to adjust further we'll continue onward.

RL/OTHER: I haven't been in college for 20 years but I'm going back for another degree my MBA. I passed my entrance exams with flying colors, and have been officially accepted at my university of choice. My orientation is now complete and I'm officially on the rolls to begin July 1st. I'm not officially enrolled status yet but my paperwork and loan with the financial aid folks should be done this week and will be officially official hopefully Friday. \o/ happy happy joy joy

As always if you need support always feel free to open a support ticket in world so that I and the other GM staff know you need assistance. I have the ability to see tickets, and their status even if I'm not in-world to keep tabs on things. Additionally if its something you don't feel is ticket worthy I always welcome PMs here on the forums.
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